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Britain’s Shame: Great Britain’s Uncivilized Warfare And Postwar WWII Crimes by John Wear

“The British terror bombings continued…British attacks, which were a violation of international law, resulted in the deaths of approximately 7,000 prisoners being shipped…When large numbers of corpses dressed in concentration-camp garb washed ashore…the British claimed the Germans had intentionally drowned the prisoners…“ World War II is often referred to as the “Good War,” a morally clear-cut conflict between good and evil. The “Good War” is also claimed to have led to a good peace. Germany with the help of the Allies soon became a prosperous democracy which took her place among the family of good nations. Historian Keith Lowe expresses this idea as follows: “The political rebirth that occurred in the west is … impressive, especially the rehabilitation of Germany, which transformed itself from a pariah nation to a responsible member of the European family in just a few short years.” This misleading belief that Germany was a pariah among good European nations does not reflect the uncivilized warfare conducted by the Allies during World War II, as well as the murderous and criminal treatment of Germans after the war. This article focuses on crimes committed by Great Britain both during and after the war. Millions of resident German civilians starved to death after the end of World War II. James Bacque estimates 5.7 million Germans already residing in Germany died from the starvation policies implemented by the Allies after the war.

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