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The Gulag And Killing Camps Inspired By England’s Ruling Cult by Michael Walsh

Over 1 million surrendered Axis troops, most but not exclusively German, and many women too were exterminated by deliberate starvation in Allied camps ~ after the German armed forces lay down their arms. In total, the German population was reduced by 14 million after the Allied victory. Over 350,000 prisoners of war were enslaved in American prisoner-of-war camps 1942-1946. Not all those held were military personnel. Camp inmates included civilians such as merchant seamen, U.S. citizens of Japanese and German extraction. Camp inmates and slaves included ethnic-German civilians routinely rounded up and brought by force from Latin American countries. These prisoners were spread throughout hundreds of camps across the United States. Typically South Carolina had over twenty concentration camps. These prisoners, against international law, were used as slave labour and worked in a wide range of occupations, mostly military and forestry.

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