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The Great Starvation Is Coming, And The World Must Prepare For It by Muhammad Hussein

While the world endured global supply chain issues and delays for over two years throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, markets suffered, economies buckled, and there were real fears that it would mean potential shortages of essentials, and even food across the globe. Such a fate is finally arriving with the Russian invasion of Ukraine impacting the planting, production and harvesting of wheat and other vital commodities in the region. Known as the “breadbasket of Europe”, it does not only feed a few tens of millions in the neighbourhood, but at least hundreds of millions elsewhere in the world.
The result is set to be almost apocalyptic. At the time of this writing, data by the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) show that around 890 million people worldwide lack sufficient food consumption and subsist on an inadequate amount of calories needed. That number is constantly on the rise, and is a few hundred million higher than statistics from 2020. As the billionaire astrophysicist and entrepreneur, David Friedberg, said in a widely-circulated video, the entirety of the planet’s food supply operates on only a 90-day cycle which constantly replenishes. With people consuming produce made and exported from that previous cycle, any delay or obstruction to the current or next cycle greatly impacts the amount of food and commodities supplied to populations. In short, “humans run out of food in 90 days”.

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2 Replies to “The Great Starvation Is Coming, And The World Must Prepare For It by Muhammad Hussein

  1. It’s nothing to do with anything except the elites desire to reduce population. And not get caught.

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