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The Ultimate Goal: Perpetual Dumbing Down Of All Society In Order To Create A Slave State Ruled By The Few? by Gary D. Barnett

What must it be like to live in a state of mind where everything that happens in this human life is thought to be natural, unplanned, coincidence, or somehow unavoidable? The requirement for this devoid state of unconsciousness, is to exist in a world of cliches and regurgitation of the thoughts of others; mostly strangers. This is the belief of the masses, not because they had no choice in the matter, or spontaneously chose to be so trusting, but because they have been conditioned for generations to act and accept the propagandized lies fed to them throughout their lives by those state players with very nefarious agendas.
All this deceit is but a programed mass marketing of disinformation, an indoctrination of the many for the benefit of the few, through a plethora of brainwashing techniques. The only cure for such a circumstance as this, is to first learn to accept that something is terribly amiss, and then find the courage to search for the truth. This requires real research and education, not the ‘schooling’ that most all have been subject to since birth, and this is why those who never accept and always question false authority, continue to write, speak, and plead with their fellow men in an attempt to wake the sleeping giant that is the general population.
All that is necessary in order to see some light, should one really desire to see the light, is to understand that evil exists, and that it exists almost everywhere. Some evil is brutal and blatantly obvious, some is sneaky and silent, and much evil can be attributed to the common man due to his indifference to the plight of others in favor of himself. But the most dangerous evil is draped in the cover of doing good; claiming the high ground of what is falsely presented as the ‘greater good.’ This is how government works, as it plays on the weaknesses of humanity by using the old method of problem, reaction, solution, to create fear and then pretend to protect in the face of that false fear. This is the mainstay of all ruler’s efforts to control the human herd of sheep. Examples of this tactic abound, and have throughout history. Considering the U.S., this deceptive practice has been prevalent since the very beginning.

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2 Replies to “The Ultimate Goal: Perpetual Dumbing Down Of All Society In Order To Create A Slave State Ruled By The Few? by Gary D. Barnett

  1. Theyre already debt slaves working for a living. To build wealth for the landowners .
    The fumbing them blown by making them idiots ,mentally emotionally morally infantile morons until they’re 18 is too make them submissive to the rule of law from the Popes Morality .

  2. All True but Government is a lie as well, A Corporation put in place to run countries is not a government and the nefarious agendas are all JEWISH. School curriculum- Pedophile Jew created, Vaccines- all Jews, Fraud space race- Jews, Usury- Jews, Media-Jews, Entertainment- Jews, CFR- Jews, Mass Immigration/illegal immigration Jews, All western political parties bought by Jews, Wars for no good reason(For Israel)- Jews, Race baiting Jews, Feminism Jews , Queer agenda Jews, Abortion Jews Agenda 21 and 2030 Jews, fake pandemics Jews. ect ect ect WTF is to understand?

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