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These Are The Real Reasons Why Cancer Rates Are Soaring by Dr. Vernon Coleman

The medical and scientific establishment, and the mainstream media, are now claiming that pollution and environmental problems explain the massive rise in cancer cases. They are either stupid or they are lying. Environmental problems are not a new problem. It is not a problem which explains the rise in cancer cases. Pollution and environmental problems are far less significant now than they were 50 years ago.
The rise in cancer today has two causes.
First, the closure of GP surgeries and hospital departments meant that patients weren’t investigated and weren’t treated and that waiting lists lengthened to the point where millions will die while waiting to be seen. It is no exaggeration to say that no country treats cancer patients as badly as Britain.
Second, the covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are creating new cancers and they are triggering old cancers to come back. The covid jabs are, without a doubt, the most lethal pharmaceutical products ever invented. Only fools cannot see that, and only liars, cheats, frauds and crooks deny it.
How can I be so sure that pollution and environmental problems aren’t the cause of the current rise in cancer? Because 46 years ago I wrote a book called Paper Doctors which contained a warning about environmental problems and air, water and food pollution. I was writing about this stuff before today’s so-called experts were born. Since then the only thing that has changed is that the extent of the pollution has fallen.

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