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Titanic’s Fatal Fire (43:33)

Titanic’s Fatal Fire (43:33)She was the largest ship ever built. Believed to be unsinkable, when RMS Titanic went down on her maiden voyage taking 1500 people to their death, it sent shock waves across the world and started a debate that still rages today. Why, when the Titanic received several warnings of icebergs ahead, did […]

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Port Of Vancouver Closes As BC Flooding Damages Rail And Roads by Ice Age Farmer (10:58)

Port Of Vancouver Closes As BC Flooding Damages Rail And Roads by Ice Age Farmer (10:58) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) From Dr. Vernon ColemanEarth Newspaper – A Major Source of InformationIf you’re looking for a cache of information about covid-19 I suggest you take a look at […]

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2020 Had 102 Tropical Storms, Well Above World Average, NOAA Report Says by Joe Mario Pedersen

Tropical storms in 2020 didn’t just break records in the northern Atlantic. It happened everywhere. Storm totals exceeded records all over the world, according to an international study from 60 countries detailed in the “State of the Climate in 2020? report released Wednesday. The annual report is compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s […]

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The Heart-Breaking Aftermath Of The Titanic Tragedy by Michael Walsh

Perhaps the most sorrowful part of the entire Titanic saga is hearing the survivor’s personal stories. It can be heart-wrenching to listen to their recollections. How they ended up on the luxury ocean-liner in the first place and how they dodged death on the night of April 14, 1912. Over 1,500 passengers perished in the […]

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Ancient Relic Points To A Turning Point In Earth’s History 42,000 Years Ago by University of New South Wales

This dramatic turning point in Earth’s history—laced with electrical storms, widespread auroras, and cosmic radiation—was triggered by the reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles and changing solar winds.

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Strange Creatures Accidentally Discovered Beneath Antarctica’s Ice Shelves by Frontiers

Far underneath the ice shelves of the Antarctic, there’s more life than expected, finds a recent study in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science. “This discovery is one of those fortunate accidents that pushes ideas in a different direction and shows us that Antarctic marine life is incredibly special and amazingly adapted to a frozen […]

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California’s Rainy Season Starting Nearly A Month Later Than It Did 60 Years Ago by American Geophysical Union

The start of California’s annual rainy season has been pushed back from November to December, prolonging the state’s increasingly destructive wildfire season by nearly a month, according to new research. The study cannot confirm the shift is connected to climate change, but the results are consistent with climate models that predict drier autumns for California […]