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Can We Ever Trust The Medical Establishment Again? by Chuck Baldwin

Historically, the offices of physician and pastor have been among the most trusted and respected of all callings. However, the Covid scamdemic of the past two years showed us that the vast majority of physicians and pastors were all too willing to abandon their callings and to transform themselves into sheepish slaves of the state—with no mind or will of their own. Had physicians and pastors stood together as one against what is the biggest hoax in world history, the massive damage that we are still experiencing—and will continue to experience for many years to come—would have never happened.
As far as I am concerned, the medical establishment has not shown scientific evidence that the Covid virus (as it is touted) even existed. To this day, the virus has not been scientifically isolated, as is required for the proper identification of any novel virus. Therefore, I am still not convinced that the Covid virus (again, as it is touted) ever existed. (We know that the coronavirus as associated with the common cold has been around forever.)
But even if the virus does exist (as touted), the so-called cure is a thousand times worse than the disease. And the only reason that everyone doesn’t know that is because to this very day the medical establishment and their puppets in the government and media continue to LIE TO US.
Which leads to the question: Can we ever trust the medical establishment again?

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