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Incontestable Proof That Covid-19 Jabs Are A Dangerous, Reckless Fraud And More Dangerous Than The Disease by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Observer newspaper said: ‘Dr Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensitive dispensers of medical advice.’
The Covid-19 jabs are being promoted and administered in a deliberately unprofessional way.
Whenever a new drug is introduced there are always rules about how it is to be prescribed.
Some drugs must be taken with food, others need to be taken on an empty stomach. Some drugs must be taken in the morning, others at night. Some drugs are suitable only for adults, others are best avoided by the elderly or by pregnant women.
The rules about when drugs should be taken are traditionally put together after the various trials have been performed. Sometimes, the rules change as doctors see how a drug affects different groups of people.
For example, it was only after the terrible experience with pregnant women that it was found that thalidomide may be safe for some patients but unsuitable for women who are expecting a baby.
Doctors are (or, rather, were) expected to look for accurate, independently sourced information obtained through careful research. The rules for prescribing new products are usually devised through long-term trials, careful observation and clinical experience and a doctor who ignores the prescribing rules can get into terrible trouble. He might lose his licence to practise and he might be sued.
I’ve been studying and writing about prescription drugs since the 1970s and until I was viciously attacked in the spring of 2020 I was widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on drug side effects and iatrogenesis. My many books on these subjects have been global bestsellers for decades and I have written over 5,000 articles for medical journals and leading magazines and newspapers. I have never known an exception to these simple rules – until now. Today, common sense has been reversed and it is the doctors who question bad medical practice who are being attacked in the media and who are losing their licences to practice.

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2 Replies to “Incontestable Proof That Covid-19 Jabs Are A Dangerous, Reckless Fraud And More Dangerous Than The Disease by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. Viruses are fraud, don’t exist. There never was a disease. Most diseases are a result of modern medicine/Vaccines. all Vaccines are pseudoscience and toxic as fuck. Allopathic medicine is a Khazarian scam.
    Treating this “vaccine” as if it’s an anomaly is BS, they’ve always been toxic cocktails this one just upped the toxicity levels. Planned genocide.
    1918 Spanish flu/vaccine genocide.
    Trusting the Jew is your first and fatal mistake.

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