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Who Killed Daria Dugina? by Dr. E. Michael Jones

The only question was choosing the right means to bring about the political equivalent of an abortion. One month before the UDA botched Dugin’s assassination, murdering his daughter instead, a federal jury in New York convicted former CIA officer Joshua Schulte on nine felony counts under the Espionage Act for providing information to the Wikileaks file that became known as Vault 7. One of the most significant revelations of Vault 7 was “proof that the CIA was able to hack into cars’ computer systems and could take over control of the vehicle.”[7]
This revelation had no direct bearing on the murder of Daria Dugina because the whole point of the assassination was to spread terror among the Russian population at large for which publicity was necessary. The attempt on Dugin’s life had more in common with the Ukrainian shelling of the nuclear plant at Zaporozhe, which was another attempt to divert the world’s attention from the fact that the Ukranazis were losing the war. It was also a desperate attempt to set off Article 5 of the NATO charter, by alleging a Russian nuclear attack against NATO members as a pretext for getting another group of goyim to die for the gay disco, as the Russians ground the Ukrainian forces to dust. More importantly, the point of this UDA killing was to impress the Americans and shake them down for more money. In the wake of Dugina’s death, Joe Biden sent another $775 million to the Ukrainian Nazis whose main job is enriching themselves while defending the gay disco.

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One Reply to “Who Killed Daria Dugina? by Dr. E. Michael Jones

  1. The CIA havent a monopoly on hacking Apple could do it Samsung Anyone anywhere using satelites They can track any device .They can create any scene .

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