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What Could Happen Next If The USA Rejects The Russian Ultimatum? by The Saker

There is a lot of discussions going on about what Russia might do if the West ignores the Russian ultimatum. All I propose to do here is just share a few thoughts with you. This is not an thorough analysis, but only some musings of mine about what I hear. First, Putin is both very predictable and, at the same time, very unpredictable. The predictable thing about Putin is that he only uses force when there is no other option left. The very unpredictable thing about Putin is how and where he is willing to use force. He did not intervene in the Donbass, which everybody expected, and he did not allow the LDNR to take even just Mariupol, nevermind the rest of the Ukraine. But when he moved a special task force into Syria, nobody saw it coming. Ditto for the move to protect Crimea from a Ukrainian invasion. When assessing Putin’s possible next steps, we need to keep in mind this paradox about him being both predictable and unpredictable. So moving nuclear nukes to Kaliningrad and/or Belarus is not the only option for Russia. Second, there is no way Russia will simply start a war, not against the Ukraine, not against the EU or NATO and not against the USA. Only an ignorant fool would deliberately trigger a situation which might result in a planetary nuclear holocaust. But Russia has plenty of other options.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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