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The True Importance Of The Bucha False Flag: A Change Of Narrative by Andrei Raevsky

So, as predicted by pretty much everybody, the long announced false flag has happened. Yes, it was very poorly executed, botched really, but in a way this makes it even MORE effective? Why? It conditions the public of Zone A to uncritically accept any fairy tale, no matter how stupid, illogical and otherwise going against both basic common sense and basic logic. In a way, Bucha is really MH-17 reloaded. Yes, they appear different, but in reality they are built exactly according to the same model. It goes something like this: Russia was/is winning while the cannon fodder of the Empire of Hate and Lies was/is clearly being defeated. The leaders of the Empire of Hate and Lies want to make Russia pay as high a price for daring to defy the leaders of the Empire of Hate and Lies, and so an atrocity was quickly arranged for and propagandized urbi et orbi. And it worked. Each time. In order to prevent any real investigation, the Empire of Hate and Lies IMMEDIATELY proclaims that “those evil Snow Niggers” did it and then declares that to be “self-evident, indisputable common knowledge” and anybody asking questions is, therefore, a “Putin agent”. I guess the West infatuation with “diversity”, no matter how obscenely grotesque, does not apply to ideas, opinions or views… Those simple have proven that they are extremely effecting in turning most of Zone A into a russophobic lynch mob.

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