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Putin Predicts The US Will Collapse Just As The Soviet Union Did by Michael Walsh

Also, Putin spoke about the opposition. According to him, in Russia, representatives of the non-systemic opposition work openly, but in any case, people involved in political activities must do so in accordance with the current law. ‘You can assess our political system in different ways. It develops in accordance with the level of development of Russian society. And please leave us the right to decide for ourselves how to organise this part of our life, ‘Putin said. He cited as an example the trial of the defendants in the case of the storming of the Capitol. ‘They are facing very grave charges, including a conspiracy to seize power. They can get 15 to 25 years in prisons. You have not tried to inquire on what basis. Why are you only interested in our non-systemic opposition,’ the Russian President turned to foreign journalists.

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