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Putin’s Common Sense by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

The Communists were crazy yesterday.
Warring on God, they are just as sick today.
Common sense is becoming so rare today that from wherever it comes it must be welcomed. Some people think that President Vladimir Putin of Russia is merely a pawn of the world power presently using Covid to arrive at an anti-human dictatorship over the entire world. That may be partly true, insofar as that same power already has such control over world affairs that Putin could hardly have become a world leader without its consent. On the other hand other people think that he is the one true statesman on the present world scene, because of his good sense for the true interests of the entire world, and not just Russia. In any case he is capable of talking common sense like few politicians today. See for instance this summary of part of his speech last October 21 at the annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia, bringing together nearly 300 participants from academia, politics and the media. Some people in the West believe that an aggressive elimination of entire pages from their own history, “reverse discrimination” against the majority in the interests of a particular minority, and the demand to give up the traditional notions of mother, father, family and even gender, are mileposts on the path towards social renewal. The advocates of so-called ‘social progress’ believe they are introducing humanity to some kind of new and better consciousness. However, their prescriptions are not new at all. Russia has been there already. After the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks, relying on the dogmas of Marx and Engels, also said that they would change existing ways and customs, indeed the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society. The destruction of age-old values, religion and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family with closest relations denouncing one another to the State, was proclaimed as progress then, and was widely supported around the world, as now.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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