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The West Needs WWIII: Greg Hunter Interviews Martin Armstrong (59:46)

The West Needs WWIII: Greg Hunter Interviews Martin Armstrong (59:46) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) Subscribe To The Daily Newsletter Support Honest Independent Media

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Insane Globalists Collapsing World Economy: Greg Hunter Interviews Martin Armstrong (1:12:17)

Insane Globalists Collapsing World Economy: Greg Hunter Interviews Martin Armstrong (1:12:17) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) Donate And Support The Work I Do Seven Days A Week Subscribe To The Daily Newsletter

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Has Biden Unknowingly Begun World War III In Financial Markets? by Martin Armstrong

We have a very serious problem. I know where the advice to Biden and other world leaders is coming from, as they are telling them to seize all the assets of Putin’s “friends” to put pressure on him – their yachts, bank accounts, houses… everything. It is [Jewish] Bill Browder who was Safra’s partner in […]

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The Great Reset by Martin Armstrong (Book)

The Elitist Coalition To Redesign The WorldThe Great Reset may go down as the most important book, perhaps with hindsight. I will be adding to it over the next month with a section reviewing the demise of every economy that has ever tried to impose precisely what they are doing now. We need not just […]

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Pending Black Swan? by Martin Armstrong

The traditional analysis keeps calling for the next Black Swan event asserting that massive leveraging of US nonfinancial businesses since 1972 is incompatible with the stock market levels rising from 62% to 204% of GDP. Of course, this analysis is ALWAYS the typical economist view which is the entire problem. The traditional analysis is why […]

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No Animal Studies For The “Vaccines” by Martin Armstrong

I find it extremely unbelievable that nobody will investigate this entire scam for what it is. The people behind the vaccines should be dragged in to testify what is going on. Moderna has admitted it took them only 2 days to create the vaccine. In Texas, they are trying to launch a criminal investigation. The […]