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Cardiothoracic Surgeon Warns FDA, Pfizer On Immunological Danger of COVID Vaccines In Recently Convalescent And Asymptomatic Carriers by Hooman Noorchashm, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Hooman Noorchashm says FDA, Pfizer and Moderna must consider the danger COVID vaccines pose to the recently convalescent or asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2 – especially the elderly, frail or anyone with significant cardiovascular risk factors.

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Israel Military Revising Operational Plans Against Iran: General by Al Jazeera and News Agencies (Text and Videos)

Israeli military chief of staff’s remarks are rare and a clear warning to the Biden administration on its relations with Iran.

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“This Is A Financial Revolution. . .” by Simon Black

So these funds shorted the stock in a huge (and dubious) way, selling more shares of the company than were actually in existence. And a number of small investors saw these questionable short positions and said, ‘Enough is enough. We’re tired of hedge funds exploiting the market.’ So they’ve banded together and bid up the […]