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Ship Of Fools

The MSM and Big Tech controls what most people believe is the truth but is really not. They are well organized by the political establishment. Your once normal daily life is being targeted, censored and manipulated with subversive fear mongering through advertising and the so-called medical “experts,” not for your safety, but for their financial gain and for the New World Order, aka The Great Reset. You are told to do as they say but you can’t do as they do. They say the vaccine is not mandatory, but guess what? You will be required to comply or be shut out from travel, employment, doctors offices, schools, sports arenas, concerts, restaurants, gyms, and many other forms of social gatherings. Sounds like the shadowy, dystopian world of George Orwell’s 1984. Those who do not comply with this overt tyranny will literally be thrown overboard like in the above illustration. Wake up, fool! You are living it today.

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