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Pushback, Resistance, Dissent, And Conflict: Will You Participate Or Hide? by Gary D. Barnett

Time has passed, and the takeover of this country by the ruling ‘elite’ and their pawns in government has nearly been completed. The final stages of the building of a totalitarian state, and a “Global Reset” of humanity, are now fully underway. The left/right and the Democrat/Republican nonsense is not the solution to anything, and in fact, those adhering to one party or the other and taking sides are the real problem. Both are far mistaken, and have been used and co-opted to divide and fight against each other. Since no political solution concerning freedom is possible, the correct posture should be to abandon the political system entirely, and begin a consistent and sustained revolt against all government. Anything shy of this approach will fail.
Without mass resistance, expect poverty, sickness, economic destruction, quarantine, isolation, travel bans at every level, constant surveillance, tracking, immunity passports, medical martial law, murder of citizens, police brutality without conscience, and perpetual threats and tyranny. It is all up to the people to decide what happens. With mass resistance, we can expect to change this course we are on, but each must oppose the state as an individual, without waiting for someone else to go first or to do it for you. Tyranny results when people turn over their power to others, but freedom can only exist if it is defended. It is time to fight back!

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