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Second Flood by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Out of the first Flood came a golden age. The second will a great Church triumph engage. Mankind has corrupted its ways, all over the earth, with Western materialism, and worse than in Noah’s time, because this time the Incarnation has taken place, and after profiting from it for a while, this time men have […]

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Was Winston Churchill The Most Successful Double Agent In History by Michael Walsh

As Prime Minister, Churchill was also hand in glove with KGB double agents such as Kim Philby (1912-1988) who was an integral part of the Soviet Spy Ring? One of Winston Churchill’s first acts on becoming Britain’s unelected prime minister in May 1940 was to halt all intelligence surveillance on Soviet suspects. This led immediately […]

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A Nice Place To Visit, The Twilight Zone, Episode 28, April 15, 1960 (5:18)

A Nice Place To Visit, The Twilight Zone, Episode 28, April 15, 1960 (5:18) (To view full screen click the link below.) Donate today and support the work I do seven days a week. Each day I publish more than a dozen news articles and videos, from honest, independent and reliable sources, on a […]

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6 Warning Signs From Biden’s First Week In Office by Kit Knightly

The “Progressive” Candidate Praised As A “Woke Bloke” Seems To Be Carrying On Where All His Authoritarian Imperialist Predecessors Left Off.They are moving closer and closer toward the “anyone who disagrees with us is literally insane” model. With many articles actually talking about “de-programming” Trump voters. The Atlantic suggests “mental hygiene” would cure the MAGA […]

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The South Knoll Gunman by Alek Hidell

As the presidential limousine appeared from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign, it was apparent JFK had been shot. Despite decades of research into the events of that day, very little has been done to investigate that shot. I can find little serious research into something which one would imagine would be of paramount importance. Of […]