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WHO (Finally) Admits PCR Test Is Potentially Flawed by Off-Guardian

Second PCR memo in two months casts even more doubt on the “gold standard” of Covid diagnosis
In careful bureaucratic language, they are essentially admitting that PCR tests were not meant to be used diagnostically, and cannot be relied upon to do so accurately. Just as Dr Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, said himself many times. Understand this. The PCR test is virtually the ENTIRE foundation of the Covid narrative. Without it you have nothing but healthy people and the normal winter flulike illnesses. Every ‘case’ you read about is only a case because of a PCR test. We and others have been saying since at least June that the PCR test is scientifically meaningless. And now, by degrees the WHO is admitting it too. And if the PCR test is meaningless. So is the “pandemic”. A lie built in the deliberate misuse of a tool not fit for purpose.

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