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Does Ghislaine Have Epstein’s Blackmail Videos (For Israel)? by Philip M. Giraldi

It appears that Epstein, working with Israeli intelligence, video taped sexual encounters with underage girls to blackmail prominent politicians… Epstein partner Ghislaine Maxwell intimated to a 60 Minutes producer that she has some of the tapes (including of Bill Clinton & Trump) hidden in a secret location… she may be using them to cut a deal with investigators and prosecutors… It is now going on a year and a half since “financier,” and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died allegedly hanging himself in a New York City prison. Since that time, it has surfaced that there were several “administrative” errors in the jail, meaning that Epstein was not being observed or on suicide watch even though he had reportedly attempted to kill himself previously. The suspicion that Epstein was working for Israel’s external intelligence agency Mossad or its military intelligence counterpart also seemed confirmed through both Israeli and American sources. A recent book Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, reports an account by the former Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe saying he ran the Epstein operation and that Epstein was blackmailing prominent politicians on behalf of Israeli intelligence.

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