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Henry Ford’s The International Jew (12-Part Audio) by ACH, BB9, & GPW

12-part series, featuring ACH, Blackbird9 & GoldenPipeWrench
ACH introduces Henry Ford’s The International Jew
616MB high-quality encoded MP3 files in ZIP archive: 12 hours, $24
In 1920, Henry Ford began publishing articles in his newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, which would end up being published as a four-volume set of books entitled, The International Jew. This four-volume set spanned over 1,000 pages, comprising 80 articles, and in 2012, ACH (Andrew Carrington Hitchcock) published an extract of each one of these articles in his book, The Synagogue of Satan: Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored. In 2020, 100 years after Henry Ford started publishing The International Jew, ACH, Blackbird9, and GoldenPipeWrench began recording a 12-part series on this four-volume set. Money Tree Publishing is now proud to offer this groundbreaking 12-part series, containing over 11 hours of audio content, on one of the most astonishing and controversial series of books ever published.We hope you find it as interesting to listen to as we found it to produce.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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