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Poll: 39 Per Cent Of 18-24 Year Olds Now Identify As LGBTQ by Paul Joseph Watson

Born that way or social engineering? A new poll by Arizona Christian University has found that 39 per cent of 18-24 year olds now identify as LGBTQ. Yes, really. The survey, carried out in partnership with Foundations of Freedom, asked young Americans to choose a self-description, with over one-thirds of those aged 18-24 saying they were lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer. In addition, 25 per cent of Americans aged 25 to 37 also identified as LGBTQ. A previous poll by Gallup found that 5.6 per cent of all adult Americans now identify as LGBTQ, up from 4.5 per cent in 2017. The fact that the number has inflated so significantly in recent years clearly indicates it is being driven by social and cultural engineering.
by Paul Joseph Watson

From: Dr Vernon Coleman
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