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Just Beneath by Caitlin Johnstone

Don’t let the fraudulence of this civilization eclipse the supernova of authenticity hidden just beneath that thin membrane.
Don’t let the vapid artificiality of mainstream culture cause you to miss the weird magic of life as it actually is.
Don’t let the barrage of advertisements screaming “THIS IS NEVER ENOUGH” distract from the symphony of joy in your cells at simply being alive.
Don’t let the nonstop corporate messaging that you are ugly conceal from you your radiant beauty.
Don’t let the Valentine’s Day products from Hallmark steal the spotlight from our wide open hearts and our roaring passion.
Don’t let the authoritative dronings of the imperial pundits mask the fact that they are babies made of mysteries and stardust.
Don’t let the feigned confidence of the people around you trick you into thinking that any of us really knows anything.

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