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Digital Humanity Heading Toward A Digital World Reality by Gary D. Barnett

A Robotic and Distorted Environment Without Culture, Caring, or Intellect?
This dystopian nightmare is being advanced right before our eyes, as the majority of the populace is voluntarily allowing it to take place. Many think the people are winning this battle against the destruction of freedom, but they are very mistaken, and seemingly blind to realty. There is a point of no return, and it is getting closer all the time. Mass resistance has not been evident to date, and mass resistance is mandatory if any freedom is to survive. This resistance must begin and end with the individual, acting en masse; not as any asinine collective group thinking as one, but all individuals thinking for themselves together.
What is necessary now? Hold on tightly to all your guns and weapons, as more pressure to take them away from you will be forthcoming after more false flag ‘shootings’ take place. If this happens, Americans will be helpless against the evil and monstrous state. Understand that the actual controlling class owns and commands the media, the politicians, including the highest positions in government, the courts, the criminal banking system, and the murdering police and military. Speak out constantly, accept and spread the truth, do not obey or comply with any government mandates, and educate yourselves concerning what is actually going on in front of you, instead of reading headlines or watching the idiotic and insane mainstream ‘news.’ Turn off your TV.
The only way to salvage freedom is to immediately wake your pathetic asses up, and do something to help yourselves!

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3 Replies to “Digital Humanity Heading Toward A Digital World Reality by Gary D. Barnett

  1. The total overthrow of the entire tiling class is the only option You will never u ite the people to turn of their TV or ditch their smart phone or dump the Web. The only solution is revolution and it won’t happen People are stupid.
    totally stupid More stupid than ever in human history thanks to education.
    Only revelations and divine intervention will cause the essential change by the utter destruction of the City known as the city of the King of Kings.

    1. You expect people taught BS from birth to recognize reality at this point? Good luck with that.
      They can’t see the fence or the knife.

      1. Completely agree Durward.

        They’re not even looking for the truth as they think what they believe is the truth and reality. They’re reactive, not proactive.

        It’s a sad, sad, sad indictment of humanity.

        Curious as to what extent 2 Thes. 2:11 factors on.

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