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blaming the victim by el gato malo

an all too typical pattern for abusers
the abusive spouse beats his partner senseless then blames her. “why do you make me do this to you!?!” it’s a pathology so common, it’s a trope. and yet it’s one people fall for. over and over. alienate them and tell them that this is their fault and that they made me do this and the gaslighting starts to take.
the “rules” start to seem like something objective and needful instead of something capriciously inflicted upon them. “well, yeah, but i’d never fall for that!” oh really?
this same manipulative game was just played out at societal scale across the globe. and most of society knuckled under and fell for it. they participated in it, enabled it, or at the very least, allowed it, went along to get along. for years, very few stood up. because that’s how abuse from powerful entities works. and it’s why we need to understand it. so that it cannot be pushed upon us again.
by el gato malo

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