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New Epstein Revelations ‘Shocking’ But Accomplices Not Likely To Face Justice by Richard Sudan

The new criminal charges against Ghislaine Maxwell and claims about Jeffrey Epstein, are revealing, as well as shocking, and if true, shed further light on one of the most wide-reaching abuse scandals, possibly of all-time, casting the entire controversy in an even more sinister context, than was first thought. The vast scale of the abuse chronicled and documented in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, and the allegations about him, are well publicized, and it is believed that Ghislaine Maxwell, son of the late Robert Maxwell, was deeply complicit in the abuse. Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime confidante and partner of Epstein, is accused of grooming and recruiting countless young women and underage girls, for sexual abuse by Epstein, many of whom ended up trafficked to the notorious island that Epstein owned. In recent days, it was revealed in a new charge brought by New York prosecutors against Maxwell, that Maxwell may have trafficked a girl as young as 14, to Epstein for abuse.

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