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High-Resolution Scan Of The Last Supper Shows Fascinating New Details by Michael Walsh

A new high-resolution scan of The Last Supper gives a crystal clear look at the famous painting. Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the finest artists and thinkers of all time. He created works that have endured for centuries, like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, the latter of which is thought to […]

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Gab Samizdat by Andrew Torba

The oligarch elites may be able to censor, smear, and deplatform us all online, but they can’t seize all of our home printers. They can’t stop us passing out some pamphlets at church or in the streets. They can’t stop you from making stickers and posters. We are in an information war. While companies like […]

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Researchers Demonstrate Fully Recyclable Printed Electronics by Duke University School of Nursing

Engineers at Duke University have developed the world’s first fully recyclable printed electronics. By demonstrating a crucial and relatively complex computer component—the transistor—created with three carbon-based inks, the researchers hope to inspire a new generation of recyclable electronics to help fight the growing global epidemic of electronic waste. The work appears online April 26 in […]