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Nationalism vs. Patriotism: What’s The Difference And Why It Matters by Sam Jacobs

First Things First: How Do Both Differ From Libertarianism and Conservatism Definition by Contrast: What is Globalism? What is Revanchism? So What’s the Deal With Switzerland? Nationalism vs. Patriotism in the U.S. and the U.K. The Missing Key to the Puzzle: Ethnogenesis Can Nationalism or Patriotism Exist Without a State? Why Nationalism Is Not Simply […]

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First Nanoscale Look At A Reaction That Limits The Efficiency Of Generating Clean Hydrogen Fuel by Glennda Chu

Transitioning from fossil fuels to a clean hydrogen economy will require cheaper and more efficient ways to use renewable sources of electricity to break water into hydrogen and oxygen. But a key step in that process, known as the oxygen evolution reaction or OER, has proven to be a bottleneck. Today it’s only about 75% […]