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Scientists Are Working On Vaccines That Spread Like A Disease. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Filippa Lentzos and Guy Reeves

The biologists Scott Nuismer and James Bull generated fresh media attention to self-spreading vaccines over the summer after publishing an article in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution. But the subsequent reporting on the topic gives short shrift to the potentially significant downsides to releasing self-spreading vaccines into the environment. Self-spreading vaccines could indeed entail […]

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The Ashli Babbitt Killing: Where’s The Outrage? by John Dietrich

There is an obvious double standard in deciding if a police officer should be charged with violating a use-of-force policy. On January 6th an unarmed 5′ 2″, 110 pound Caucasian female was shot by police with minimal media coverage and even less outrage. A Google search reports approximately 1,060,000 results for Ashli Babbitt and 293,000,000 […]

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Marine le Pen Acquitted by Michael Walsh

The National Rally leader and 2022 presidential candidate was charged with ‘hate speech’ after posting photos taken during a slaughter-fest carried out by jihadists back in 2015. French politician Marine Le Pen was acquitted by a court on Tuesday. She was accused of breaking so-called hate speech laws after she posted photos of Daesh* terrorists […]

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Researchers Develop A Robotic Guide Dog To Assist Blind Individuals by Ingrid Fadelli

Guide dogs, dogs that are trained to help humans move through their environments, have played a critical role in society for many decades. These highly trained animals, in fact, have proved to be valuable assistants for visually impaired individuals, allowing them to safely navigate indoor and outdoor environments. Researchers at the University of California Berkeley’s […]