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Atlas | Partners In Parkour by Boston Dynamics (1:05)

Atlas | Partners In Parkour by Boston Dynamics (1:05)(To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) Donate today and support the work I do seven days a week. Each day I publish more than a dozen news articles and videos, from honest, independent and reliable sources, on a completely ad-free website. […]

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They’re Normalizing Police Robots By Calling Them “Dogs” by Caitlin Johnstone

Hawaii police are defending their use of pandemic relief funds for a robotic “police dog” made by Boston Dynamics which scans homeless people’s eyes to see if they have a fever. “If you’re homeless and looking for temporary shelter in Hawaii’s capital, expect a visit from a robotic police dog that will scan your eye […]

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Farm Robots Are The Future; Let’s Start Preparing Now, Researcher Argues by Cell Press

No longer science fiction, farm robots are already here—and they have created two possible extremes for the future of agriculture and its impacts on the environment, argues agricultural economist Thomas Daum in a Science & Society article published July 13 in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution. One is a utopia, where fleets of […]

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Researchers Develop A Robotic Guide Dog To Assist Blind Individuals by Ingrid Fadelli

Guide dogs, dogs that are trained to help humans move through their environments, have played a critical role in society for many decades. These highly trained animals, in fact, have proved to be valuable assistants for visually impaired individuals, allowing them to safely navigate indoor and outdoor environments. Researchers at the University of California Berkeley’s […]