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Aleksandr Dugin On The Alien, Substantially Jewish Elite In The U.S. And Its War Against Traditional American Individualism by Kevin MacDonald

A translated version of an article by Aleksandr Dugin has appeared on KATEHON, an anti-globalist, pro-Russian website. (When I tried to post a link to the article on Twitter, they said that “the link has been identified by Twitter and its partners as harmful” and they blocked it.) Dugin’s article indicates that he has a solid grasp of politics in the U.S., and for the first time that I am aware of, he points to Jewish influence. Since Dugin is reputedly close to Vladimir Putin (“Putin’s brain” and of course, a “fascist,” as the neoliberal Washington Post phrased it) and because he has supported the Ukrainian war, it indicates that the Russian political establishment understands the upheaval going on in the United States.
Dugin’s comments on the alien American elite and his strong support for the Ukrainian war make clear the dominant Russian perspective on this conflict. They see it correctly as a conflict between Russian sovereignty and neoliberal globalist elites based in the West that are aiming for a unipolar world with themselves dominating a subservient, relatively powerless Russia. It is the world dreamed of in the 1990s during the Yeltsin administration and abruptly snuffed out by the rise of Putin. Neoconservatives have targeted Russia ever since.
Make no mistake. It is critical for Russia to win this war. But it’s quite clear that the neoconservatives (Blinken, Nuland, Sherman) dominating the Biden administration’s foreign policy also see this as a critically important struggle, and they have continued to increase the U.S. commitment—willing to fight to the last Ukrainian. And, I suspect that ultimately they will be willing to use U.S. troops in the conflict to prevent a Russian victory.

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3 Replies to “Aleksandr Dugin On The Alien, Substantially Jewish Elite In The U.S. And Its War Against Traditional American Individualism by Kevin MacDonald

  1. Unbelievable Really Twitters the guru of truth? Well that’s one for the story books. Along with Fantasia.
    Yeltsin was used by the west England set Lenin up New York financed Trotsky to bribe and corrupt the tsarist government.
    Communism was never intended to last there. It was always temporary Dimoly a device to steal the LAND TITLES OFFICE and disposes all of the former land owners God people are naive simplistic gullible.
    Any country after being ruled by Jesuit Stalinist types needs to be ruled by what they’re used too.
    Autocracy in Russias case. Putin was transitional figure head, but like bonaparte and others, many many others they get too comfortable and then have to be forcefully removed again. That’s all.

  2. “Jesuit Superior General Michael Angelo Tambourini, during a private meeting, in 1720, with the Duke of Brissac, vaunted: “See, my grace, from this room-from this room-I govern not only Paris, but China; not only China, but the whole world. Without anyone knowing how it is managed.” So you see, these men rule not just their Order, but much more besides from their court at Rome.”

    -P.D. Stuart, Codeword Barbelon, p. 185-186
    I think you will come to understand that it is who rules the law that rules the world when it’s universal. “the Pope is the moral Authority for rule of Law” Obama announced of the world’s first Jesuit Pope.

  3. The “Jews” are killing off the Ukrainians in order to retake their one time Capital of Khazaria which is Kiev, all part of the greater Israel project. Doesn’t matter which nation..Jews are toxic to any nation.

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