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Critical Race Theory As A Jewish Intellectual Weapon by Edmund Connelly, Ph.D.

… For me, CRT [“Critical Race Theory”] fits squarely into the mold of Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” category in which Jewish “gurus” concoct a Talmudic verbal assault whose main goal is the further destruction of Gentiles – literally. I know because I had a ringside seat to the introduction of CRT in the graduate schools of the 1990s, with one of the most vicious practitioners of the “art” as one of my required professors … So, while Black studies, women’s studies, Chicano studies etc. all aim to develop and nurture their relative identities and social agendas, ‘Whiteness Studies’ aims to utterly extinguish any sense of identity and awareness of group interests,” a very important distinction indeed … We’ve reached the point where some are stepping forward to point out the obvious truth that CRT is in fact “anti-White racism.”

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