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The Strange History Of The Denisovans: Joe Rogan Interviews Graham Hancock (8:27)

The Strange History Of The Denisovans: Joe Rogan Interviews Graham Hancock (8:27) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) Subscribe To The Daily Newsletter Support Honest Independent Media

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The Aryan Ideal: From Ben Franklin To National Socialism by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.

In my recent essay “Blond hair, blue eyes: Some thoughts on the Aryan ideal,” I examined the physiology and history of the classic Nordic features. I argued that these hallmarks of beauty have been acknowledged and respected for millennia and around the world, and thus constitute a kind of universal aesthetic standard or benchmark for […]

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Storing Information In DNA: Improving DNA Storage With Nanoscale Electrode Wells by Thamarasee Jeewandara

Geneticists can store data in synthetic DNA as a medium for long-term storage due to its density, ease of copy, longevity and sustainability. Research in the field had recently advanced with new encoding algorithms, automation, preservation and sequencing. Nevertheless, the most challenging hurdle in DNA storage deployment remains the write throughput, which can limit the […]

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Cannabis First Domesticated 12,000 Years Ago: Study

Cannabis was first domesticated around 12,000 years ago in China, researchers found, after analyzing the genomes of plants from across the world. The study, published in the journal Science Advances on Friday, said the genomic history of cannabis domestication had been under-studied compared to other crop species, largely due to legal restrictions. The researchers compiled […]

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‘Dragon Man’ Fossil May Replace Neanderthals As Our Closest Relative by Cell Press

A near-perfectly preserved ancient human fossil known as the Harbin cranium sits in the Geoscience Museum in Hebei GEO University. The largest of known Homo skulls, scientists now say this skull represents a newly discovered human species named Homo longi or “Dragon Man.” Their findings, appearing in three papers publishing June 25 in the journal […]