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The Aryan Ideal: From Ben Franklin To National Socialism by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.

In my recent essay “Blond hair, blue eyes: Some thoughts on the Aryan ideal,” I examined the physiology and history of the classic Nordic features. I argued that these hallmarks of beauty have been acknowledged and respected for millennia and around the world, and thus constitute a kind of universal aesthetic standard or benchmark for humanity. The Nordic/Aryan people furthermore have been proven to have a number of other virtues, including higher intelligence, higher moral and ethical standards, and a greater capacity for building cultures and civilizations.[1] It was not without good reason that Plato called light-skinned people “children of the gods”; it was not without good reason that Pindar called the northerners “a sacred race.”[2] I concluded that the White race was the most beautiful and the most virtuous on Earth, based not on my own biased opinion but on testimony over centuries, scientific research, and on commonly-held views around the world today. Though representing only some 10 percent of humanity, Whites have good reason to be proud. We are exceptional, by most any measure.

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