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The Tyranny Continues Seemingly Without Resistance! by Gary D. Barnett

As I watch everything unfold, I am forever puzzled by the lack of interest of Americans. There have been more examples of pushback, but only at the edges, and the bulk of the masses are still complying with most every draconian order issued by the state goons. The biggest pushback has been that a good percentage of this population have said they will refuse to take this synthetic concoction of mind and body altering poison called the “Covid’ injection, but this is talk only at this point. The agenda of immune passports is quickly gaining ground, and there does not seem to be much resistance. These two things go hand in hand, as with any acceptance of immunity passports also comes much higher pressure to take this RNA/DNA altering shot. Once any immunity papers become mainstream, then the extended force to take this injection will be vastly increased. With East Germany style ‘papers’ required, those refusing the fake ‘vaccine’ will be targeted. The risks of not taking this injection will increase substantially. More and more restrictions will come into play, and many venues, stores, financial institutions, food, energy, and every other major need will be shut off to those that have not “vaccinated.” Mandates to prove that you have been jabbed with poison will be expanded, and many employers will demand, especially in all government positions, that employees either take the shot or face losing their job. Eventually as poverty and economic destruction continues to gain ground, food and financial accounts will become unattainable without proof of injection. This will be the way that the state will be able to coerce those hesitant to take a shot to do so.

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