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The Road To Global Fascism: How Wall Street Investment Banks Use Coercion To Promote Social Justice, Climate Change, And Globalism by Bob Bishop

The template for growing global fascism is CEO Larry Fink’s Blackrock investment bank ($8.7 trillion assets under management). This article will demonstrate Blackrock’s growing influence which promotes social justice, climate change, and globalism to the detriment of free enterprise. Larry Fink is a board member of the World Economic Forum, built around the motto “you will own nothing and be happy.” The World Economic Forum is an international organization of political and corporate apparatchiks whose mission is global collectivism. Standing in their way are democratic principles, free enterprise, and nationalism. ESG is a corporate rating system that stands for Environment, Social, and Governance. Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance collects ESG data and establishes ratings for over 10,000 publicly-listed companies globally. Bloomberg defined the principles covering 120 environmental, social, and governance indicators to arrive at a rating, which is not transparent to the public. Bloomberg is the arbitrator of corporate governance and uses ESG to promote World Economic Forum’s stakeholder capitalism. Stakeholder capitalism is the hammer of global fascism. It is a theory that requires corporations to be accountable to multiple constituencies like consumers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, local communities, creditors, and government. In substance, it rejects the free-market system.

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