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Truth And Authority – II by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

How blinded are the men who lead the world!
By Catholics must the Truth be first unfurled.
One day the poor wretches now ruling the world and planning to complete their power over all mankind by a combination of injections from within and radiation from without, will, as the Psalmist says, melt like wax before the face of God. They have become like the machines they adore. So little notion do they have of God, or of spirit rising above matter, or of free-will, that they really plan on turning human beings into robots. God laughs at them, says again the Psalmist (Psalm 2). Up to us to give to God all the honour, love and glory that He is missing from them, and to his Mother all the Rosaries that She asks for to be able to intercede with God for their and our conversion and salvation.

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