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Is HIV To AIDS What SARS-CoV-2 Is To COVID? by Torsten Engelbrecht, Kelly Brogan MD, Andrew Kaufman MD, Magdalene Taylor

Imagine an enemy that is invisiblE, like a ghost or demon, except to those who have special visionary powers. It lurks in unsuspecting places, turning every person and every place into a potential threat. Once it takes hold, there’s no stopping it without the help of an arsenal of powerful poisons provided by the trusted […]

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U.S. Navy Nuclear Explosion May Have Contributed To Collapse In Surfside by Editor

We are very much anti-conspiracy theories, which is why we have not discussed whether or not John McAfee was suicided. However, this Florida disaster is just too much of a coincidence not to talk about. We are suspicious about the initial attempt to coverup the experimental blast that was conducted off the coast of Florida. […]