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How Jewish We Have Become by William Gayley Simpson

It is all too plain that the Jew has not only subjugated us as the British, French and Dutch never subjugated Africa and parts of Asia – so subjugated us that most of us are afraid to say aloud what we think of him even in what was once our own land, but worse than that, and far worse, he has made us over in his own image. A vast number of us have become as Jewish as he is – thoroughly Jewified in our values, our standards, our aims, our ideas, and our conduct. Our whole country stinks of Money, of desire for money and for what money can buy. We even rate the size and worth of a man by the amount of his income. To get money, there are few of us left who would not, in one way or another, sell their integrity and their souls. The Jew has taken our very land from under us and ruined it. He has taken our civilization and our whole intellectual and spiritual world and perverted it, soiled it, corrupted it, and all but destroyed it. And he means also to destroy us as a people, utterly, beyond recovery, in body as well as in mind and soul. And he has done it in wanton betrayal of our trust, after he had sworn allegiance to the country of his adoption, after we had taken him in and given him harborage and opportunity and protection, as if he were one of our own kind. He has done it in every country of the White man’s world, but worst of all in the heartland of our world, in Europe and Britain. He has always done it, wherever he went. He will always go on doing it, unless he is stopped.
Excerpted from Which Way Western Man?

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