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There Is Only One Solution To Our Problems: Unity And Mass Disobedience by Gary D. Barnett

Voting for any political candidate, and supporting the very system that is at the core of our tyranny, will never solve any problems we face. By accepting and participating in that flawed and purposely created corrupt system, only disappointment and oppression can result. The game of elections is settled long in advance by the real […]

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A President’s Refusal To Accept The Election Results by Thomas DiLorenzo

By 1860 the population of the North was more than double that of the South, and the lopsided congressional representation that that created emboldened the North to plunder the South with the heavily-protectionist Morrill Tariff, passed by the House of Representatives during the 1859-60 session, before any state had seceded. The tariff on mostly manufactured […]

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World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ Plan For Big Food Benefits Industry, Not People by Jeremy Loffredo

“The Great Reset is about maintaining and empowering a corporate extraction machine and the private ownership of life.” – Vandana ShivaThe World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Great Reset includes a plan to transform the global food and agricultural industries and the human diet. The architects of the plan claim it will reduce food scarcity, hunger […]

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Wake Up, Liberals! American Voters Are Smarter Than You Are by Michael Lesher

“I feel like leaving this country,” wrote one liberal I know on Facebook, deploring an America in which so many people could still cast ballots for The Donald. And I want to tell him: you are mistaken, my friend. You and your fellow liberals aren’t just on the brink of leaving the country. You turned […]

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The Infamous Laconia Order by Michael Walsh

How did a squadron of U.S. bombers break the rules of the sea in an action that led to the loss of tens of thousands of Allied seamen from autumn 1942? Few stories illustrate the power of the half-lie better than Allied propaganda relating to the ‘infamous Laconia Order’. This was Hitler’s instruction that forbade […]

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Study Finds That Lovers Perform Better Than Random Pairs In Collaborative Creative Tasks by Ingrid Fadelli

Inspired by previous works, a research group at Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an, China recently carried out a study that explored the possibility that romantically involved couples may perform better on creative tasks than other randomly paired human subjects. Their findings, published in Springer Link’s Current Psychology journal, suggest that lovers typically collaborate far better […]