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Coronavirus Fact-Check #8: by

“New daily cases” and the second wave The media are renewing panic thanks to a “second wave”, but are we really seeing one? And what does “daily cases” actually mean? The “new daily cases” are none of the above. The “second wave” is likely the result of increased testing. The more people you test, the […]

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“Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming” by Mike King

If something like a blockchain communication embedded in a watermark was indeed added to the ballots, this particular sub-division of CISA (itself a subgroup of DHS) would have been tasked with setting up the sting operation by working with “private vendors” and “public safety partners.” And the name of this sub-group is (dramatic drum roll) […]

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Former Top Democrat Says He Believes Democrats Are Stealing Votes by Robert Ayers

Are Democrats trying to steal the 2020 presidential election? Here’s the take of one prominent Democrat. Rod Blagojevich, a former Democratic governor of Illinois, recently told Newsmax that he absolutely believes that Democrats have been stealing votes in battleground states in the 2020 presidential election. “If the question is, ‘are the Democrats stealing votes in […]

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The Election Was A Tie. Now What? by Ryan McMaken

… This election has produced a result where it is abundantly clear that half of the electorate voted to oust the other half … All the usual tired bromides about democratic elections should be more clear than ever. There is no “will of the majority.” The winner doesn’t represent “the nation.” There is no consensus. […]

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World’s Fastest Open-Source Intrusion Detection Is Here by Daniel Tkacik

“What was previously possible with 100-700 processor cores and a whole rack of machines, we can now do with five processor cores in a single server,” says CyLab’s Justine Sherry, an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department (CSD) in the School of Computer Science.