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400 People Died In US In First 4 Days Of 2022: Gun Violence Archive by Press TV

In the first four days of 2022, some 400 Americans have already been killed in gun violence, according to the latest data by the Gun Violence Archive, an online archive tracking such incidents in the US since 2013. The data updated by the Gun Violence Archive on Tuesday also showed that 282 Americans were also […]

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Arbaeen Walk: A Life-Changing Journey Of Love by Syed Zafar Mehdi

Millions of ardent lovers, in a demonstration of unfathomable love and devotion for their beloved, walk seamlessly and untiringly from one sacred city to another, day and night, braving inclement weather and ominous security threats. Men and women, young and old, they come from different corners of the world and converge at one place. They […]