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Truth Behind Killing Of Darya Dugina: Fingers Pointing At Kiev Now Shifting Toward Israel by Arvin Qaemian

Therefore, many observers began to suspect a theory that lurks in Mossad’s dark operation rooms. It is probable that the dramatic death of Darya was an Israeli warning to the Kremlin to stay away from Iran’s regional allies, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip and Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement [also known as Houthis]. To substantiate this theory, one can mention a recent visit by a Houthi delegation to Moscow. The head of the Yemeni delegation and its chief negotiator, Mohammed Abdul Salam, indicated in a press release on Thursday, August 11, 2022, that fundamental changes have emerged in the Russian political perspective and that the Kremlin realized that Yemen could be strategically influential without elaborating on the nature of those changes.
The Kremlin has embarked on a campaign to build alliances with new international players, such as the Ansarullah Movement, to thwart the mounting Western pressures that it has faced since late February due to its military intervention in Ukraine. In addition, Moscow seeks to engage in sabre-rattling against persistent American efforts to enhance crude oil production by obstructing the passage of oil tankers via the Bab al-Mandab Strait. So, the purported motivation for Russia’s incipient ties with the Sana’a-based government might be a latent desire to set up a naval base on the coasts of the Red Sea.
Moreover, in the past six months, at least two Hamas delegations have visited Moscow, suggesting that the Russians have partially abounded their decades-long policy of neutrality regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. According to the Hebrew-language newspaper Maariv, in a telephone call with Putin, the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, expressed his grave concern about a Russian weapons shipments to Palestinian armed resistance organizations.
The Zionist regime has a long and sordid history of brutal assassination campaigns against its enemies. In the case of Darya Dugina, she might be among the latest victims of Mossad’s terror machine, as fingers point at a moribund regime which is desperately trying to stop its doomsday clock from ticking. “Russia” and “our empire” were among the first words we taught her as a child, said Alexander Dugin, in a quavering voice at his daughter’s funeral. Indeed, Darya’s noble death evokes the famous Latin maxim “Mortem Occumbere Pro Patria” meaning to die for one’s country.

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2 Replies to “Truth Behind Killing Of Darya Dugina: Fingers Pointing At Kiev Now Shifting Toward Israel by Arvin Qaemian

  1. Here we go again Still the pointing fingers. You dont even know Your taking baits fed to you like children taking candy.At least hold your accusations until you know something first hand verifiable with cast iron evidence irrefutable and not created by experts to frame the innocents and hide the guilty
    Learn from your history of how the Romans have always,from Jesus onwards always used the jews as scapegoats From the crucifixion to today .Nothings changed. They use the same propagamdas and entrapments and still people fall onto their traps.

  2. Everything happening right now from toxic jabs to the war in Ukraine has the Jews fingerprints all over it, even the so called Nazi Azov lol battalion is fully funded like a private army by the richest cockroach in Ukraine as is his pet Zelensky. Then there is the queer Schwab/Rothschild and the great reset, anything dubbed great is always mass death in all of history. The burning of crops, harassing of farmers, the slaughter and burning of food animals because of something that doesn’t exist, energy starvation, all intentional and the effing Jews are behind it all.
    Simple facts.
    Putin is no idiot.

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