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There Is No Flag Big Enough To Hide The Shame Of The West’s Crimes In Afghanistan by John Wight

In a final act of savagery, just as the US evacuation from Afghanistan was drawing to its end, a US drone strike ripped to pieces ten members of one Afghan family in Kabul, among them children as young as two years old. More than all the newspaper columns that have been published in Washington and London these past two weeks, lamenting the end of the West’s presence in Afghanistan, more than the nauseating attempt to ascribe honor and nobility to what was a squalid and brutal colonial occupation, the slaughter of members of the Ahmadi family in the aforementioned drone strike places the last 20 years in Afghanistan in its proper historical context. Perhaps the most salient if unsurprising point when it comes to this crusade, is that it was unleashed on the back of a lie. This lie, it must never be forgotten, was that the Taliban refused to hand over Bin Laden, prime suspect as the man who ordered and organized the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11. The truth is that the Taliban made clear that upon receiving evidence from Washington that Osama Bin Laden was behind this atrocity, they would hand him over to a third country – i.e Pakistan – in return for the US to cease a bombing campaign against the country that was by then underway. Bush and his neocon cohort in Washington were not interested in justice, however. It was revenge they were after, along with the opportunity presented by 9/11 to prove that Western cultural and political values – defined as democracy and women’s rights – were by definition universal, and should and could be righteously forced on uncivilized and backward regions and peoples of the world at the end of bayonets. Conveniently abstracted from this ‘war for civilization’ drivel was the underlying economic motives behind the war in Afghanistan – the very same that have underpinned every empire and colonial project there has been.

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