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With Shipment Of Sanctioned Fuel, Iran Breaks Economic Siege by Julia M.K.

The economic crisis in Lebanon, manifesting itself in hyperinflation, hoarding of imports as the Central Bank moved to cut subsidies, and a severe fuel shortage that has caused huge lines at petrol stations is not a sole problem of domestic “corruption” – but rather the effects of a manufactured campaign of economic pressure against Hezbollah. Just as Lebanon was the historic experiment for neoliberal incursion into the Middle East, the blockade-like conditions imposed upon Lebanon serve as warnings to the rest of the global south absorbed into neoliberal capitalism against considering looking eastward to China or Iran for economic alliances. The import monopolies in Lebanon, also an effect of the US economic hegemony, are also existentially threatened by the Iranian fuel imports. The arrival of the congressional delegation signaled the desperate position the US is finding themselves in Lebanon, especially after their withdrawal in Afghanistan and impending withdrawals in Syria and Iraq. As the war on Lebanon shifts from military to economic, designed to “humiliate” and “subjugate”, Hezbollah has proven their adaptability to deterrence in both dimensions. Daring the US or the Zionist entity to attack the tankers, Nasrallah emphasized that any attack against Hezbollah’s economic intervention to the fuel crisis would signal the military kiss of death for the Zionist entity, ironically equivocated through the cowardice of economic and political pressure.

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