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Further Anomalies Of The Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine by John Stone

Manifestly, human testing proceeded both against an entirely misleading background, and prematurely – which poses the most serious ethical questions. And now that we know that though the product was defective everything ploughs on regardless – Oxford/AstraZeneca now have contracts for hundreds of millions of rounds of the vaccine from both the British and the […]

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Measles Vaccination And Autism: The Inexcusable Suppression Of A Long-Documented Link by The Children’s Health Defense Team

Before a humble coronavirus became the planet’s viral scapegoat, the virus most often used to promote fear-and vaccination-has been measles. In fact, measles has provided public health officials with recurrent opportunities to fine-tune the CDC’s strategic “recipe” for fostering high vaccine demand: stir up “concern, anxiety, and worry” about disease; promote vaccination frequently and visibly; […]