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UN Envoy Promotes “Peace” At Expense Of Justice by Maureen Clare Murphy

Israel only releases the documentation of its violence when it thinks it serves its narrative, as in the case of the execution of Erakat. More typically, security cameras are confiscated and any footage recorded never sees the light of day.

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USA: The Slippery Slope Of Egalitarian Racism by Thierry Meyssan

The reactions to the murder of black George Flyod by a white policeman do not refer to the history of slavery in the United States, but – like the systemic opposition to President Trump- to a profound problem in Anglo-Saxon culture: Puritan fanaticism. The domestic violence that rocked this country during the two civil wars […]

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The Big Egyptian Sphinx Cover Up by Malcolm Hutton and Gerry Cannon

Hidden Chambers, An Unexcavated Mound And Endless

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Enforcement In The Police State by Dr. Pamela Popper (16:59)

Enforcement In The Police State by Dr. Pamela Popper (16:59) (To view full screen click the link below.) Make Americans Free Again The New Normal: Citizens In Charge Dr. Pamela Popper

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Feds: National License Plate Reading Program Rolling Out by Patrick Wood

Despite citizen resistance to license plate readers in general, the Federal government is creating a dragnet of scanners to locate vehicles throughout the nation. Under the guise of Customs and Border Protection, the program will work with private vendors to scan and aggregate pictures.

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How Two Seemingly Unrelated Events Laid Israel’s Racism Problem Bare by Miko Peled

A viral video showing an Israeli family mocking impoverished Palestinian children and a controversial New York Times editorial by famed Zionist commentator Peter Beinart have exposed the racist underpinning of the so-called Jewish state.

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The Allied Battle For Bolshevism by Mike Walsh

The prevailing view of the Reich’s invasion of the Soviet Union is based on misinformation. It is commonly held that the rapacious land-hungry Reich made a fatal blunder in taking on the unprepared but plucky Russians. This is a fairy tale as far removed from reality as are Hans Christian Andersen’s children’s tales.

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Damage To The Soul by Craig Murray

The imprisonment of Julian Assange has been a catalogue of gross injustice heaped upon gross injustice, while a complicit media and indoctrinated population looks the other way. In a truly extraordinary twist, Assange is now being extradited on the basis of an indictment served in the UK, which is substantially different to the actual indictment […]

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“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan To Permanently Silence The West, Part 3 of 3 by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

A key step towards making dissident thought unlawful, and ensuring “Secure Tolerance,” is the effort to represent it, in its totality, as culturally illicit. As early as 2015, Brian Marcus, head of the ADL’s Internet Division, had been contacting Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with threats that allowing “hate” material on their service “would be bad […]

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At Least Three Ships Reportedly Catch Fire At Bushehr Port In Iran – Videos

Iran has seen a wave of explosions and fires around its military and industrial facilities since last month.