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They Most Especially Want To Shut Down Our Access To The Pineal Gland And Kill Our Spiritual Nature by Les Visible

It should be clear to anyone paying attention… and that number increases by the day; it should be clear that a shadowy cabal, that relies on shadows, intimidation, and lies for its success in The Manifest, used the COVID scam and the Killer Vaccines to shut down the independent spirit in Humanity. The public was already waterlogged and near-drowning in Material Culture. They sensed the moment was ripe for the shackling and enslavement of Humanity. Most of the work was already done. People were immersed in Material Dreams and the various intoxicants they were using to enhance the experience, or… would it be… deaden the experience? They most especially want to shut down our access to The Pineal Gland. That is one of the main features of The Killer Vaccines… to kill out our spiritual nature. THEY KNOW that The Aquarian Age is bringing the qualities and character of The Pineal Gland into play, after a long collective quiescence. It is part of what is required to bring about The Age of Brotherhood. THEY KNOW that if they can kill our Spiritual Nature they can zombify us and turn us into drones… those they don’t kill off. They have VERY bad intentions for the rest of us. They WILL fail in spectacular fashion, given that it is ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration.

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One Reply to “They Most Especially Want To Shut Down Our Access To The Pineal Gland And Kill Our Spiritual Nature by Les Visible

  1. True!Heard that fluoride calcifies the Pineal.over 169 nonhuman aliens/humanoids recorded by nasa have dealings with us.The a.holes causing most trouble for Thousands of years are Dracos and some reptilians.theorionlines.c alienshift.c truth11.c camelotprojectportal.c.D.s have formed alliance or use others for dirty work.mantids,greys,a.hole humans.These a.holes on team dark besides all the other evil things they do,are infiltrating human society and use clones to inhabit is a treasure to be used to understand spiritually and cosmically what is happening.Basically,besides infiltrating the clone way,evils are trying to and DO USE HUMANS AS MEATPUPPETS OR ZOMBIES/Poppets.This is why bloodlines are important to copper based bluebloods Evils need certain bloodlines to degrade the dna and possess or allow possession by evilones.They also seek certain genetics to repair grey or draco dna as well as seek certain genetics/bloodlines of lightworkers so as to target and degrade or destroy.Not a joke.Research the site I said.NAAs,soul recycling,crucifiction program,loosh,service to self vs. Others,polarity

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