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World War II Memorial Cancelled For Being Too White by Simon Black

Just when you think it couldn’t get more bizarre… we give you this week’s absurdity.

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Democrats Go All-Out For Israel by Philip Giraldi

Joe is a Zionist and Kamala panders to Jewish donors Those of us who have longed for an end to America’s military engagement in the Middle East have hoped for a candidate who was not tied hand and foot to Israel, which is the root cause of the badly-broken and essentially pointless U.S. foreign policy […]

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There’s a Wire Above Manhattan That You’ve Probably Never Noticed by Jay Serafino

It’s hard to imagine that anything literally hanging from utility poles across Manhattan could be considered “hidden,” but throughout the borough, about 18 miles of translucent wire stretches around the skyline, and most people have likely never noticed. It’s called an eruv (plural eruvin), and its existence is thanks to the Jewish Sabbath.

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Digital Technocracy Trumps Paper-Money Democracy by Bill Sardi

It Isn’t About BLM, Or Face Masks, Or Lockdowns, Or Even Vaccination – – It Is About A Digital Currency That Will Take Away The Independence Of Every American.

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Henry Ford: Would-Be Champion Of The “Good Jews” by John Wear

Henry Ford (1863-1947) was born the year of the battle of Gettysburg, and died two years after atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. His life personified the tremendous technological changes achieved in that span. Using his innate mechanical abilities, hard work and exceptional inventiveness, Ford led the transformation of American industry. Fortune magazine chose Ford […]

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Poll: Only 13% Of Americans Say They Will Try First-Generation Coronavirus Vaccine Immediately by Edwin Mora

Sixty percent of Americans say they are not likely to get the first generation of a potential coronavirus vaccine as soon as it is available, an increase from 53 percent at the end of last month, an Axios-Ipsos poll revealed this week.