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Message To Doctors By Ontario College Of Physicians And Surgeons Shows Desperation To Silence Them by Richard Enos

In Canada, doctors are actually being overtly threatened by their governing bodies to stop saying what they believe to be true in their hearts and minds. Instead, all doctors are commanded to follow in lock step with ‘public health orders and recommendations.’ The tweet below from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario needs no additional commentary. As written, it already incriminates itself. Now you may be wondering how we have gotten to this place of rabid censorship in the medical profession so quickly. I would like you to consider that this has not happened overnight, but rather has been a slow, measured process that goes all the way back to when John D. Rockefeller created a medical monopoly that exclusively supported allopathic medicine a little over a century ago. Using his power to marginalize as ‘quackery’ thousands of years of holistic tradition and knowledge, Rockefeller created a top-down empire that was fundamentally designed as a business for the dispensation of pharmaceutical drugs that he invested millions in developing and patenting.

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